The New Buzz

Can you imagine being intentionally stung by honeybees?

I was on my way to Atlanta, to visit our dearest friends, I read on Harper’s Bazaar, November Issue an article about a “Bee-venom therapy”.

Instead of going under the knife when you are under pain, “apitherapy” is a treatment which uses the venom from the bees for joint-pain relief , apparently the venom stimulates the cortisone.

It has also been used for studies on multiple sclerosis and arthritis patients.

They cannot prove a 100% effectiveness, but scientists are still testing it and this practice has quite a few believers.

An initial consultation fee is around $225 with a $95 fee for follow up sessions.

Interesting, huh?

Check it out at:

Harper’s Bazaar, November 2016. The Daring Issue. Page 266. “The New Buzz”.



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