Taking Shots in the Morning?!

We were in Atlanta this past weekend. I love Atlanta, the weather was perfect, but we were partying a lot.
Friday morning, my friend told me…Do you want a shot?… and I was like ….”it’s too early for a shot, we should wait ’til the party.” I was in shock because my friends have pretty healthy habits.
They said, “you need these shots”, and I thought.. OK… let’s see!!… I trusted them.
She and her hubby took us to a nice place, “Arden’s Garden” and they introduced us to these amazing energizing shots, 4 shots to be precise.

First – Lemongrass shot
Second – Ginger shot
Third – Lemon shot
And Last but not least – Cranberry shot

All natural, OMG it was a boost to our immune system, soooo good, fresh and healthy. We felt energized the whole day.
If I had this shop here in Texas I would go there everyday, so guys please think about the Houston market…. we need you here!!!



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