H&M Kenzo Collection

TGIF!!! I arrived early to work, so I decided to go for a walk.

I work at The Galleria in Houston, so every time I decide I need a walk to burn calories, I end up burning through my wallet too!

I was very curious about the KENZO Collection for H&M which was released last week. I thought it was going to be sold out (BALMAIN’S collection last year was sold out in minutes), but I was surprised to see the racks and tables were full of clothes, so I took a look and it was definitely for another target market. It was pretty interesting, I do not know if I like it, but let’s give them a try.


The collection is different and for a more fashion forward customer. So I had to buy a dress ($129 .00 plus tax) and a scarf ($59.00 plus tax)… they were not on the affordable side, see?… My wallet was a little bit on fire since it wasn’t even 11 am on a busy Friday!!

It is better quality, compared to the Balmain Collection; I remember you could feel that it was made of cheaper materials, it was also a nice collection nonetheless.

So, here’s my advice:

If you have an H&M close by and you love fashion or you are a fashion forward element, you should visit an H&M store and at least just to take a look!!!

Have some colorful fun.
Love, Desiree.


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