Back on track… Spring is around the corner

Move it!… don’t think about it twice!!… Shake it baby!!
Come on guys!!… The holidays are waaaayyy over!!… It’s time to get back in shape.

Here are a few easy but helpful tips:

– First thing to drink in the morning when you wake up: Hot water with lemon or organic apple vinegar.

– Exercise every day at least for 20 minutes, any activity that includes cardio.

– Don’t weight yourself every 5 minutes, that Is just going to disappoint you, specially women (we have many busy days with crazy hormones).

– Try to avoid refined sugar. Use stevia instead.

– Drink green tea (it is going to boost your metabolism).

– If you are a coffee drinker (like me), add a pinch of cinnamon (it’s a natural fat burner).

– If you gained a little bit of weight…. DON’T buy bigger clothes.

– If you are a good drinker … Drink red wine (2 glasses don’t kill anybody)

– Read (healthy mind = healthy body).

– Look at yourself in the mirror everyday, and LOVE yourself because it’s all you have and it’s wonderful.

Love always,


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