DINŌR Professional

Hey guys!!… hope you are doing well. Just wanted to say hello and as always wanted to share love and good things in this world.

I was directing a Runway Show in Houston, and one of the vendors gave me a gift bag, she explained to me that inside were 3 natural products for hair, but I did not pay much attention, because I was sooo crazy busy.
Next day I did my research and started to use the products, it was a shampoo, a conditioner and a softening spray. These products are made with natural marine collagen and formulated from deep sea plants.
I started last week and… OMG they are amazing.
I have an ombré, so my hair was always tangled, but now it is much better and it has a special shine. Thank you Naty Salon and Spa for this amazing product.

Those are exclusive product for salons, but you can contact her http://www.natysalonandspa.com, ask for DINOR products and your hair will be very happy if you try these products.

Love always,



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