About Me


Some facts about me:

– Desirée is my name, I have been a shoe and fashion lover from the moment I discovered my 5 senses.
– I’m an odd hybrid since my parents each come from very different cultures.
– I guess my love for bright and bold colors comes from my Mexican ancestry and my sense of fashion, style and patterns comes from my Austrian half.
– Fashion and colors are always inside my head.
– 37 years full of craziness and creative chaos.
– Fashion Retail and Arts are an integral part of my life. Never finished History of Arts in Mexico because I was always busy and changing my mind, until I arrived to Houston I was determined I need to finish something…. So I decided to study Fashion Retail in the Art Institute. I finished with honors, and got couple of awards in design. Now nothing is enough for me!!! I want it ALL.
– Although most Haute couture nowadays is designed for sizes 0 – 2 , that has never deterred me from hitting the runways as a model with my full figure structure, even in my everyday outfits I strive for perfect color and style yet on orthodox perfection.